Timor Maubese Arabica 200 gram

Timor Maubese Arabica 200 gram

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East Timor is the largest producer in the world of Certified Organic coffee.  Agriculture has always been an important part of the economy of Timor.  Until 1975 East Timor (then known as Portuguese Timor) employed non-organic pesticides and fertilizers in their cultivation of coffee.  After being decolonized by Portugal in 1975 East Timor was invaded and occupied by Indonesia.  This 25 year occupation ceased commercial coffee production in East Timor.  In 2002 Indonesia ceded control of East Timor and the fledgling nation was established.  The 25 year lapse in commercial coffee cultivation revitalized the land and allowed shade trees to naturally grow into the coffee slopes.  This has allowed East Timor to return to the world of specialty coffee export as the largest producer of Certified Organic coffee.  

Farm: Cooperative Café Timor

Altitude: 1829 meters

Region: Maubesse

Varietal: Caturra

Notes: Fair Trade, Organic

Process: Washed, Wet Process

Cupping Notes: At Full city roast expect a very heavy body, almost syrupy.  Smooth, hardy and earthy and sweet with a creamy mouth feel.

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