Papua Geisha Arabica 200 gram

Papua Geisha Arabica 200 gram

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Coffee is a major commodity in Papua, especially in Dogiyai County which used to be part of Nabire Regency. Nine districts in Dogiyai are coffee producers.

These include Kamuu, Dogiyai, Kamuu Utara, Kamuu Timur, South Kamuu, Mapia, Mapia Tengah, Western Mapia, and Piyaye.

Coffee Dogiyai / Papua Geisha is grown at an altitude of 1,000 to 2,000 m. This type of arabica coffee has the aroma of baked beans with savory caramel, and the final taste of spices and chocolate. The combination of taste and aroma so satisfy the taste of coffee lovers.

The history of Dogiyai coffee is also interesting to observe. The beginning of the story began in the 1890s. At that time, Dutch missionaries left the coffee plantation in Dogiyai.

Most of the Dogiyai people of that era were coffee farmers. In 1964, they were introduced to Mapia coffee beans brought by church missionaries in the Central Highlands of Papua.

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