Aceh Gayo Winey 200 gram

Aceh Gayo Winey 200 gram

Brand: Paradise Coffee
Product Code: 000000052
Berat 250.0000 g
Dimensi 0.0000 x 0.0000 x 0.0000 cm
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Coffee peels that grow at altitudes above 1500 meters, are thicker and more nutritious than coffee peels that grow in the lower regions. The taste of the "Wine" produced by this fermented coffee skin seeps into the processed coffee bean. Therefore, coffee beans are very sensitive to the aroma in the environment (that's why Kintamani Coffee has a little taste of orange flavor).

Sensation of taste and aroma "Wine" is so strong in this Coffee occurs because in this Coffee processing, it takes up to 45 days. During this period, all the aromas produced by this fermented coffee skin are absorbed by the coffee beans.

Once dry, then the whole coffee beans are ground to produce ready roasting coffee beans. Here the problem arises again, because of this complicated process. When milled, more than 50% of the coffee produced is broken and not feasible to be roasted into high quality coffee.

The combination of all these uniqueness and specialty makes this coffee price well above the average coffee price. The selling price of this coffee, equivalent to the price of civet coffee.

Why prefer this Gayo Winey Coffee Coffee?

The reason is clear, the taste of Kopi Luwak is too ordinary, Mainstream. Meanwhile, "Paradise Coffee Gayo Winey" it feels really like a drink of Heaven. Just imagine, the two most classy drinks in the world Wine and Coffee combine with flavors and flavors that blend perfectly into one cup.

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